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Suzanne Caygill

Suzanne Caygill  (1911 � 1994)
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In 1942, Suzanne Caygill, a noted California fashion designer and milliner, had a revelation:

Human beings, the highest order of nature, carry information about their personality and style in their own natural coloration -- the pigments in their skin, hair and eyes -- and these colors are related to the color harmonies in nature.

Suzanne developed her theory of personality and style around each season:

Spring   Summer   Autumn   Winter

While each person's color palette is unique, Suzanne found recurring patterns of personality and style based upon the QUALITY of the color. She said that colors that emerge for Spring personalities are "clear," Summer colors are "muted," Autumn colors are "somber" and Winter colors are "greyed."


Through her work with thousands of clients, her TV show, her book COLOR, THE ESSENCE OF YOU, her courses of study from wardrobe design to decor, and her Academy of Color through which she trained and certified select students as Color Analysts, Suzanne left an exciting and beautiful legacy.

This site is designed to describe her ideas and work, to help you connect with those who studied directly with her, and to link to others who also understand and carry on her ideals.

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