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100th Birthday Event

        NEXT EVENT      August 31, 2013    Embassy Suites-San Francisco Airport
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100th Birthday Celebration
On August 27, 2011, 35 Color Enthusiasts gathered at the Beverly Hills Hilton to celebrate Suzanne, her legacy and what we have been doing to carry on and to evolve her work.

Rochele HC Hirsch (1989 Academy Graduate) and Marilyn Allen arranged for and co-hosted this historic and memorable event.

Of the 35 attendees, we had 14 Graduates of Suzanne's Academy of Color.
       Fewer than 30 people graduated from her Academy. In total, approximately 46    attended Academy classes.

Most of the other attendees had studied extensively with Suzanne through her many courses. Some have studied with Suzanne's students.

We all had great stories of our experiences with Suzanne and what this work has meant in our lives.

We also collected donations to support the placement of a monument at Suzanne's grave site in Iowa.  A most generous donation from Jennifer Butler (1983 Academy Graduate) ensured that the monument will be installed.

Michaelin Reamy (1990 Academy Graduate) reported on her successful efforts to have Cornell University house Suzanne's Archives.  Anne Walton (from Atlanta and unfortunately not in attendance) provided a number of photos and Suzanne's personal items that were given to attendees and also added to the archives.

Photos of the event will be in this website's Photo Album.

We all felt that having future gatherings would be fun and useful, and could help strengthen and further her legacy.  Also, Rochele Hirsch said she would arrange for a website (this one) to help with Suzanne's legacy.  There was also interest in how we could come together to ensure that the integrity of Suzanne's method of color analysis and her coursework  (the Twelve Courses) could be maintained and taught to others.

While there is certainly a lot of work involved in potentially developing a curriculum, many felt the value of such an endeavor.

With enthusiastic agreement, we planned to meet at least on an annual basis.  Marilyn Allen suggested that she could host the next event at her home in Hacienda Heights.  Also others suggested that there be an event in the San Francisco area, or even in Iowa near Suzanne's Grave Site. 

Now that we have a stronger contact list for "Suzanne People," we will be in a better position to sustain and develop our community.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please
Contact Rochele HC Hirsch at

NEXT EVENT:     August 31, 2013  -- Suzanne's 102nd Birthday
                                  Embassy Suites - San Francisco Airport
                                   Contact Rochele  at  310-982-2224

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