Suzanne Caygill

Academy of Color

Suzanne established her Academy of Color in 1980, the same year as the publication of her book, Color, The Essence of You.

While she was already teaching 12 Courses to her clients on how to use their color palette, how to understand their season, and much more, The Academy of Color was developed to train select students in how to create an authentic Color Palette.

Students spent many weeks in training, first learning what Suzanne called Color Mechanics. She covered the 42 pigments she used, with all their tints, tones, pastels, and harmonies. Each student painted a Color Wheel to demonstrate their understanding of all the colors.

Season and Type Identification and the Color Harmonies associated with different Types was the next step. We developed Color Palettes for all the major Types in all the Seasons, using photos from magazines as well as live models.  Further training involved the qualities of Nature that were native to an individual.  Suzanne's famous charts that combine photos of a person and the flower or scene in nature that harmonized with the person were involved in this training.

We estimate that fewer than 50 people attended her Academy Training, and fewer than 30 actually graduated under Suzanne, authorizing them as Color Analysts.  Some people took further training with others to complete the work, and carry out Suzanne's system. 

Suzanne's system, with some variation, is currently being taught by a few people.  We will add those names and contact information as soon as possible.

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